Book Fiftyone: The Forgotten Affairs of Youth

The Forgotten Affairs of Youth, Alexander McCall Smith

Can we pretend that I finished fifty two books this year? Because, seriously, I was soooooo close. I actually did finish this one many days ago. And in the meantime I am halfway through one book, a quarter of the way through another, and a quarter of the way through a third. That adds up to one completed book, no? And I rarely read more than one book at once, but for some reason I found myself in the midst of three, and I blame that for the reason why I just couldn't manage to finish any of them. Ah well. I still feel great about my year given that I carried a baby for half the year and then birthed it and then cared for it for the other half!

So yeah, about this book! I loved it! I love all the Isabel Dalhousie books enthusiastically! In this one Isabel helps a new friend find information about her birth parents while she and Jamie plan their wedding, their baby Charlie is growing up, and Isabel philosophizes and overthinks (in the best way) everything. I like this yearly slipping into of her little world in Edinburgh and now I can't wait for next year's installment.


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