Book Fortyeight: A Red Herring Without Mustard

A Red Herring Without Mustard, Alan Bradley

I honestly can't believe how fast Mr. Bradley cranks these books out! I just picked up this paperback, and noticed that a new hardcover of the fourth installment in the series is already out! Who does he think he is, Alexander McCall Smith? I shouldn't let that color my impressions of these books, and yet I worry that with speed comes sloppiness. However, I did quite enjoy this one, much as I did the previous two. Bodies keep piling up in Bishop's Lacey and Flavia is still as precocious, spunky, and sleuthy as ever. Though, if he keeps writing these books at this pace, in a few years we might start to become suspicious and have to wonder if Flavia herself is behind any of these murders (she's a regular Jessica Fletcher, this one).


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