Book Thirtyseven: The Night Season

The Night Season, Chelsea Cain

My favorite thing about the latest installment in this Portland-based serial killer series? The most preposterous murder weapon ever! Honestly, I don't want to spoil it for anyone who wants to read this book, but trust me, you would never have guessed this one. Some serious suspension of disbelief is required. Otherwise, I'm glad that Chelsea Cain backed off on the whole Gretchen Lowell thing because it was becoming a little much. But detective Archie Sheridan is back along with his kicky little sidekick reporter Susan Ward, and they are trying to figure out who is killing people and throwing them in the rising river as the Willamette threatens to flood all of Portland.

Since I mostly read these books for the terrific Portland ambiance, I was happy that this one really played that whole aspect up. I loved the non-stop rain, the flooding river, and the overall dark creepiness. Otherwise, this was pretty formulaic, though the formula continues to work for me.


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