Book Thirtyone: The Diary of an Honest Mum

The Diary of an Honest Mum, Jools Oliver

I am totally amused by the fact that I was reading this book, and then finished it, when I went into labor. I remember falling asleep at about 10:00 on Saturday night, and waking at around 1am with a strange cramping sensation. I wasn't sure what was going on, but I thought I should sit up and wait it out. So, I picked this up off my nightstand (my friend Anika had been over on Friday and lent me a stack of mother books, so this is what I had been working on) and kept on reading. At about 3:00, I finished the book and noticed that maybe these weird cramping sensations were coming with some kind of regularity, so I woke C up to help me time them. Ha! Turns out I was having contractions that were about 4-5 minutes apart. Yipes!

Anyhow, we'll leave the rest of my birth story for another time. As for this book, it really is a sweet little read. I was naturally drawn to it first out of the stack that Anika brought over because I am slightly obsessed with Jamie Oliver, Jools Oliver's husband. The book reads like your super sweet, slightly naive, but completely enthusiastic best friend is telling you all about her own experience. You can hear where she gets excited and feel for her when things get difficult. There's nothing terribly enlightening in here, and she's not the world's greatest writer, but it was still quite compelling. At least, compelling enough for me to not be able to put it down even through some very close contractions. One thing I learned about Jamie Oliver is that, boy oh boy, I would not want to be married to that man. Not because he doesn't sound like a sweet husband and father, but because it seems like he's just never around! And being a brand new mom at home with a newborn at the moment, I can't tell you how terrible that sounds. I couldn't do this without C by my side right now, whether he's taking the baby so I can get some extra sleep, bringing me breakfast in bed, or just being my wonderful, silly, sweet, amazing husband.


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