Book Fortysix: Love and Rockets: New Stories #4

Love and Rockets New Stories: Volume 4, Los Bros Hernandez

I believe that when I read the previous issue of Love and Rockets last year, I said the Hoppers story broke my heart. Well, that one was amazing, but this oneā€¦ wow. I must have sat there forever when I finished it, just flipping through the final pages of "Love Bunglers" over and over again, and feeling so tenderly about Maggie and Ray and Hopey (and, of course, Jaime). I really should go back and re-read all the Maggie and Hopey stories. Sometimes it feels weird to feel so close to imaginary characters (never mind, cartoon imaginary characters), but I feel like they are my friends, in a way, watching them grow and change over the years. If this isn't the best story ever, I don't know what is.


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