Book Fortythree: By Blood, By Moon

By Blood, By Moon, Heather E. Hutsell

I went to school with Heather. When we were in middle and high school, she went by Teddy, nicknamed after Corey Feldman's character in Stand by Me. It was Teddy who got me to see The Lost Boys and made me forever love that movie (it seems she was always into vampires). I've long admired her steadfastness and commitment to her passions. I got to reconnect with Heather via Facebook (as, I'm sure, we have all reconnected with old school friends), and discover that she has self-published several books over the past few years. And that's pretty freaking cool.

I love how Heather holds nothing back and dives right into this tale, throwing us into the action with our heroine Elena as she is pursued by three vampires and happens upon a mysterious stranger, who we soon learn is a Lycan. There's some mystery, some gore, and a whole lot of sexy (without being nasty-sexy, if you know what I mean). None of the characters are what they seem, so there's plenty of intrigue and much to keep the story propelling forward.

I'm happy to be reminded that Heather is as lovely a storyteller as she is a person!


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