Book Twentyeight: The Whole World Over

The Whole World Over, Julia Glass

A pick for book club. To be fair, I really did enjoy reading the book, but I found it difficult to sympathize with or even like many of the characters. The story follows many different characters over a year or two, and I found some side stories more interesting than others. It's funny how when you find that you just don't like a person in a book, it's hard to like much else. There were several characters I liked more than others--Walter, Fenno, Saga--but they were outnumbered by the ones I didn't really care for--Greenie, Charlie, and sometimes Alan. I've heard from many people, including half of my book club, that Three Junes is very good, and they were slightly disappointed by this one. I think I can see that, as there's some very good writing hiding underneath some less-than-appealing characters in here.


Blogger Kyla said...

I did actually enjoy Three June 100000000 times more than this book - but I did listen to 3 Junes as an audio book with a delightful man with a Scottish accent and that may have made it seem better

September 14, 2007 at 8:48 AM  

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