Read-a-Thon Update: Hour Thirteen

Read-a-Thon hour thirteen

Currently reading: Zombie Spaceship Wasteland

Pages read last hour: 60

Time spent reading this hour: 45 minutes

Consumed this hour: A finger scoop of peanut butter, three bites of cottage cheese and several glasses of water

Reading location: Yeah, I'm just going to stay here on the sofa

Pages read so far: 679

Total time spent reading: 541 minutes

Books completed so far: A Gate at the Stairs, The Other Side of the Island, Betsy-Tacy, Zombie Spaceship Wasteland

Got desperate for snacks, as you can see. Fortunately, as I stepped outside at the end of the hour to get some fresh air and take a tour about the garden (aren't those checkerboard fritillaria neat?) C came home with a couple of bags of groceries. Yay for awesome husbands!


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