Book Twentysix: Definitely Dead

Definitely Dead, Charlaine Harris

If I told you about Sookie's new love interest in this one, you wouldn't believe me. You would think I was making this crap up because it is so stupid. So, where to start? He is an enormous, bald-headed man who happens to be a were-tiger. He is also an event planner who works for Extreme(ly Elegant) Events (GAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!), he drives an enormous truck, he takes her out on their first date to see The Producers, he has "pansie-purple" eyes, and he calls Sookie "Babe" at every opportunity. I'm sorry, but who is this person supposed to be attractive to? I know I am biased in my love for Eric, but this guy is seriously the worst.

Please please please let him go away in the next book. Maybe he can join the were-circus?


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