Book Twentyseven: Between the Bridge and the River

Between the Bridge and the River, Craig Ferguson

I felt like I was cheating the whole time I read this. Like I was out on a date with Craig Ferguson, trying to be polite and listen to his stories and hopefully nodding in all the right places, but all the while thinking about my other love back at home. But, since I had to read this for book club next week, I had no choice, did I?

But okay, all that pining for Sookie and her pals aside, this wasn't half bad. But that meant it wasn't really half good either. I find that with books that rely on gimmicks that you have to be totally on board with that gimmick. And I suppose this wasn't totally gimmicky, but it was written in a very precious style and one that made it difficult for me to enjoy the really good stuff this had to offer. It was funny, but it knew it was funny. It brought things back around but in a Seinfeld kind of way, and it sometimes worked and then sometimes irritated me. But, on the other hand, I enjoyed the overall message and he truly is a witty and clever writer and towards the end the propulsive energy kept me interested.

So, yeah... that happened.


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