Book Thirtyone: The Convenient Marriage

The Convenient Marriage, Georgette Heyer

I should really just fill my summers with Georgette Heyer and nothing else. Okay, I'd make some room for Twilight. But that's about it. I want nothing to occupy my breezy, lazy summer afternoons but sweet, simple Regency romances like this.

Though, really, this one is not that simple. At the novel's start, our heroine, Horatia Winwood (who everyone calls Horry... Horry!), decides to throw herself under the bus, excuse me, throw herself under the chaise, for her sister's sake and marry the Earl of Rule. See, the Earl wants to marry Horry's older sister Lizzie, but Lizzie is in love with Mr. Heron, and the Earl really only wants to marry any Winwood, it doesn't matter who. Anyhoo, 50 pages in, and there's already a wedding between our lovely couple, so what else needs to happen, right?

Well, it's clear that they don't really love each other, it's just a marriage of convenience. Ha, it all makes sense now, no? The Earl has a lady on the side, and Horry doesn't care what he does so long as she can spend all her evenings gambling. That's right, gambling. You won't find this plot twist in a Jane Austen novel. I won't give the rest away, I'll just say that there are some surprises amidst some expected resolutions.

And two more things you should know about Horry: she has thick dark eyebrows (that everyone has to comment on repeatedly) and a horrible, horrible, s-s-s-stutter.

I swear, I couldn't make this stuff up if I wanted to.


Blogger Christina said...

I always look at her books and think "I think i'd like these." but never seem to buy them. After reading this little write up - now i'm going to! ...maybe i'll find them used at Powells. I think that is one of my hang-ups...the price and the fact that it only takes me about a day to read a book like this.

September 22, 2009 at 10:21 PM  

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