Book Thirtyeight: To the Power of Three

To the Power of Three , Laura Lippman

For a book that I just randomly picked off the shelf at the library (and for one with such a horrible cover... gah!), this wasn't half bad. Well, sure, I picked it because it's by my first mysterary love, Laura Lippman, so it had that going for it. Maybe not quite as great as What the Dead Know, but still a well-told story with characters you want to know more about. Essentially she starts with a school shooting (or a shooting at a school? ha!) and then you get glimpses of the past to understand what really happened, since it's pretty clear that the story being told by the only survivor isn't the whole truth. And then you get the history behind the friendship of the three girls involved, and of course young girls' friendships and inner emotional lives are always an area of depth and compellingness, no? Well, to me they are!


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