Book Fortyseven: Cotillion

Cotillion, Georgette Heyer

I couldn't resist reading another Georgette Heyer. And, you know, I liked this one even more than Black Sheep! I found it funnier and wittier, and it had more interesting and sympathetic characters. What's the nutshell plot of this one? Young Kitty Charing will inherit her guardian's vast fortunes, but only if she marries one of his great-nephews. She very much wants to marry one of them, Jack Westruther, who is a handsome, rakish flirt, but he refuses to propose (is he toying with her?), so in order to make him jealous she schemes with another of his nephews, Freddy, to pretend that they are engaged. And then hilarity ensues!

I agree with nearly every other person who has read and loved this book, in that Freddy is an unlikely, but lovable hero. Of course, he's no Mr. Darcy, but he has his own sweet quirky charm. And I loved all the subplots and minor characters, like Lord Dolphinton and Meg and the Chevalier and Miss Plymstock. And now, two questions for any other Georgette Heyer fans out there: what Heyer book should I read next and has anyone made any of these books into movies?


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