Book Fortyfive: The Historian

The Historian, Elizabeth Kostova

If 2007 was the year of the mystery, then I declare 2008 the year of the vampire! Seriously, I can't get enough vampires lately. If I didn't have to be reading another book for my next book club, I'd totally be reading Bram Stocker's Dracula already. And can we talk about Twilight, which opens in just a couple of short weeks? We can't, because I'm just too excited!

Finishing this book (just moments ago, really), left me feeling a little empty, but I think it's the emptiness of having finished a really good book and knowing that there's no more. That's it, it's over. Given that feeling, it's hard for me to write about it now, but I will say that if you are all at all interested in vampires, history (seriously, Vlad the Impaler as Dracula, which was also the inspiration for Bram Stocker's novel, too) or just reading really good books, this is totally the book for you.


Blogger bellcurves said...

It's just a couple more days, now, before Twilight opens! :-) I love, love, love how this blog has evolved (deliberately or by chance?) so that you had a loose "theme" going last year, and a new one this year. Vampires! One of my friends/acquaintances here took an actual undergrad class on Vampires last year. I think it was in the history department. It was so random, b/c he took it not b/c of any special interest, but b/c it happened to be one class that fit in his schedule. When he first told me, I thought he was kidding, and even said to him "come on, there's no such class here!" but then I realized he was serious. And it turned out to be his favorite class. I'll have to tell him about this title or see if this is something he's already read. Have fun seeing the movie!

November 18, 2008 at 11:07 AM  

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