Book Thirtysix: Love and Rockets: New Stories #1

Love and Rockets: New Stories #1, Los Bros Hernandez

The good news about the new Love and Rockets issues coming out in book format is that I am now counting it as a book. The bad news about Love and Rockets coming out in book format is that it's now only coming out once a year! I read this in only a couple of hours and now I have to wait a whole year to read the next installment?! Phooey! The guy at the Fantagraphics store (who, incidentally, is selling this now before the official release date of September 15th) said that it's possible that it'll come out again sooner than that since, to quote him, Jaime and Beto don't do anything except sit around and draw... but still!

You can see from the cover that the main Hoppers story revolves around Penny Century, who has finally gotten the superpowers that she has always hoped for. Sadly, this story involves only a page or two of Maggie, no Hopey and, worst of all, no Ray. Beto has a bunch of stuff in here, and one good one with Julio. But really, I don't think it's possible for me to be disappointed by Love and Rockets. It does nothing but warm my heart and make me giddy.


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