Book Twentyseven: Black Sheep

Black Sheep, Georgette Heyer

Against all my natural instincts, but because of the recommendation from Nancy Pearl heard on NPR, I found this book in the [gulp] romance section of the bookstore and made it one of my two vacation books. And you know what? I actually kind of liked it! I know that's not the most glowing recommendation, but for a book found in the romance section, that's really above and beyond what I was expecting. It was, as promised, very Austen-esque, but still, there was something missing. Maybe the wit and subtlety of Austen? Simply, it's the story of unmarried, past-her-prime, 28-year-old Abigail Wendover, who is trying to prevent the marriage between her niece and the young cad Stacy Calverleigh, but meanwhile can't help but fall in love with the cad's uncle, Miles Calverleigh, who is the black sheep of the family. Yes, I'm sure you can get where this is going, but there were some nice little twists, some witty dialogue, and appealing characters, despite the ridiculous names--oh, those ridiculous names!


Blogger Josette said...

I know what you mean by those ridiculous names! But so far, I thought Miles and Selina were okay. I also thought Stacy was a girl until I read it properly.

I'm not a fan of romance books either but this book was different. I actually enjoyed it despite having a tough time with Friday's Child which was my first Heyer book.

Here's my review. :)

November 26, 2008 at 6:46 PM  

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