Book Sixteen: Talking with My Mouth Full

Talking with My Mouth Full, Bonny Wolf

As someone who listens to NPR more than a few hours a day, I was surprised that Bonny Wolf's name was unfamiliar to me. I would have thought I'd have heard her food commentaries on Weekend Edition or took notice of her name in the food writing world at all. But no. I came across this book on the library shelf in the food writing section that I regularly peruse, and thought it sounded sweet. Which is exactly what it was. Sweet, simple, full of recipes. Each essay is only a couple of pages long, on a variety of food topics ranging from her son's vegetarian stint in high school to Baltimore crab to Smith Island cakes to holiday traditions and on and on, and each one is followed by at least a few recipes.

While I wasn't blown away, I was pretty delighted with the book. And now that I realize I have to return it to the library, I'm a little sad that I don't own it, because there are several recipes I wouldn't mind trying or referencing at some point.


Anonymous bellcurves said...

I've heard of Bonny Wolf--I believe I've seen her writing on a few occasions in the Washington Post (which, btw, has an excellent food section every Wednesday)! But I don't know much about Wolf, so thanks for introducing this book! Do you know if she has Maryland connections (based on your mention of Baltimore crab and Smith Island layer cakes)? Chesapeake Bay regional cuisine is unique, and takes me back to my childhood summer vacations out in Ocean City. i'm getting hungry thinking about the Smith Island layer cake you're surely going to bake and post a photo of, for us! ;-)

May 9, 2008 at 9:26 AM  

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