Book Fortytwo: Blankets

Blankets , Craig Thompson

It feels so much more founded to call a graphic novel beautiful than a regular novel, doesn't it? I mean, it's not just the story, but the pictures, too. Well, I loved this and thought it was, indeed, beautiful. I like stories that capture the sweetness and naiveté of young love. I used to hate earnestness, and now, when the story is told just right, I find it charming and perfect (maybe because I was too close to it then, but now that I have some distance I can look back on it and laugh a little). I suppose I am also drawn to stories that center around people's relationship with god and religion, an idea that fascinates me. Who are these people who believe in god and why do they? I think that's nicely addressed here.

Also, you can't beat all that snow.


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