Book Eighteen: Then We Came to the End

Then We Came to the End, Joshua Ferris

Love love love love love this book. It is one of the rare books that made me laugh. Out loud. While reading it alone. Sure, you may have heard that it uses the "gimmick" of being in the first person plural (i.e. We), but I didn't find it at all gimmicky. In fact, once you read it you will realize that it could have been written no other way. And on top of being funny, it's incredibly sweet. And human.

All the characters in this office where the novel takes place, an advertising agency in the early aughts, are at once horrible and irritating and recognizable as that one guy you worked with at that job a few years ago, and yet i loved every single one of them. Perhaps I've been feeling charitable and good about humanity lately, but still. I wanted to embrace them all, take them in and tell them that it will all be alright.

Oh, and the ending! Such an ending!


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