Book Sixteen: The Last Picture Show

The Last Picture Show, Larry McMurtry

The most interesting thing about this book was our book club discussion about it. I have a feeling everyone really liked it, but there was such a wide variety of takes on the story and the characters. Some loved the characters, some hated them, some thought they were stupid, some admired them. I, being the moderate lady that I am, fell somewhere in the middle. I found it undeniable that this is a real downer of a book, but there was such a mix of good and bad in everyone (we're all human, right?) that it was compelling and fascinating and ultimately, a downright amazing book.

I know I've seen the movie--and even less than five years ago--but I have no recollection of it at all. Even while reading the book I would have flashes of familiarity, and yet I couldn't place anything that happened at all. I'd like to rewatch it, because I can't imagine how the movie can do such a good job as the book at getting inside everyone's head. The book is remarkable in that one sentence to the next you are seeing flashes of each character's motivation and then jumping to the next character. That seems impossible with film, no?

Oh god, and don't even get me started on the all the sex! Holy cow! (Pun 100% intended.)


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