Book Thirtyeight: The Big Clock

The Big Clock, Kenneth Fearing

Ok, new plan. Read 40 books in one year. Sadly, at this point I'm not even sure I can reach that goal.

But, before I get ahead of myself... The Big Clock! This noir-ish novel totally reads like a movie, and while reading it I couldn't believe it was never made into a movie, and then imagined that I could write a screenplay to make it into the best movie ever. And like most of my grand ideas, it was shattered when I discovered that it not only was made into a movie, but two movies! And even worse, the second one stars Kevin Costner. But erase that icky thought from your mind while you imagine an awesome story about a murder and a man put in charge of finding out who committed the murder, knowing full well that he's the one the clues will lead everyone to (though he didn't actually commit the murder but probably knows who did). Yay, what fun!


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