Book Fifteen: The Gun Seller

The Gun Seller, Hugh Laurie

Is there nothing that Hugh Laurie can't do? He acts, he's funny, he's serious, he plays the piano... and he writes novels, too! Chris has had this book lying around forever, and about once a year or so he mentions how great it is, so after reading a Scottish mystery it seemed like a good time to read a British spy novel. Though, this one is meant to a be a sort of spoof. And it is unbelievably funny... though by the end it seemed to take itself more seriously than it started out doing, and I wondered how much of a spoof it really was. Then again, are spy novels ever really that serious to begin with?

I hear that Hugh Laurie has written the screenplay for this, and as I read the book I could totally picture the movie in my head, with Hugh Laurie starring as Thomas Lang, the hero, of course. I suspect that he, too, pictured himself as the star, what with the motorcycle riding and dry wit and all that. Whoever stars, I look forward to seeing the movie, if it's ever made. The terrorist stuff might be a bit too much nowadays, but I think it might ok if done right.


Blogger bellcurves said...

hugh laurie is one-of-a-kind! now that it's summer break it means more pleasure-reading. your fiftytwo project just might help me build a reading list.

silly! i realized i never did let you know about Cerealia after setting it up. i've been semi-absent from the blogosphere & got sidetracked by final exams, work, my boyfriend graduating, etc. Cerealia is a simple outlet for me--mainly baking/cooking and some gardening/plants.

speaking of my absence, i missyour online presence--you adroitly left d-land just in time. it now takes 10-15 minutes for entries to post now. ridiculous. bl0gger might become my new permanent home, as i x-post here when dland freezes up.

May 21, 2007 at 10:03 AM  

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