Book Eight: Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights, H.G. Bissinger

Does anyone out there not know the story behind Friday Night Lights? I'm not sure why I wanted to read this book, since I honestly could care less about football, and I haven't seen the movie or the TV show... perhaps because I got it free at book club? That aside, it's really really great, even though it took me over two weeks to finish it (putting me a bit off track a bit with my goal--oops). This book made me remember the few high school football games I went to with my friend Amy, who loved to cheer on the players and loved the excitement of it all. It made me feel the excitement of the games and wish I had been there. It made me understand how one little town could get so worked up over a few outstanding high school athletes. But it also really pissed me off! While reading the book I kept having conversations with Chris about how high school sports should be banned, about how poorly black athletes are treated (and about how gross racism is, generally, in the South), about how sad most of the former football players are now in their adult lives, about how none of it is worth much of anything when you really think about it all. Ugh. Also, it made me realize how silly the word "winningest" sounds.


Anonymous mIchelle said...

i might need to get a bloglines feed!

ooh, someone recommended allegra goodman's "intuition". she might be a good fiction writer to explore (if you haven't)!

i'm undecided re: switching to blogger! since it's merged w/ google and i have +1 gmails, it means signing in and out of accounts while here. :-( and despite being too lazy to think of a new pw to re-lock my sporadic/apathetic "land of diaries" page, i'd really want a pw option here & haven't found it. hope life after grad school is great for you so far :-)

March 24, 2007 at 9:14 AM  

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