Book Thirteen: The Information

The Information, Martin Amis

A riddle: How can you both be finished with a book but not actually finish it? Answer: When it's as unbearable as The Information and you just can't bring yourself to read anymore so you throw in the towel half way through. Seriously, I am finished with this book, and probably Martin Amis, forever. I wouldn't actually count an unfinished book but I spent so freaking long on the 200 pages that I managed to get through so I felt like all that time I put in justified some payoff. This is the very definition of a slog.

Also, this article in the New York Times appeared shortly after I gave up, which reinforced my decision to abandon the novel. Martin Amis sounds like a real turd, if you ask me. But I suppose I didn't need this article to tell me that.


Blogger P├ętra said...

I just love this review! I guess because I often feel like I love/like everything I read it might be nice to just hate a book.

July 8, 2012 at 1:53 PM  

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