Book Thirtyfour: Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen

What can I say about Pride and Prejudice that hasn't been said before? I love this book and I love re-reading it. So there.

Book Thirtythree: Dead and Gone

Dead and Gone, Charlaine Harris

I'm not totally sure why lovers of the Sookie Stackhouse books hate this one so much. From what I've gleaned, they find the plot stupid and the Fairy Wars unexplained, they don't like the decisions that Sookie makes, and they felt it was filled with filler. My argument back is: Isn't that true of EVERY SINGLE SOOKIE BOOK SO FAR? To me, this was no better, no worse than any of the previous books. Most of them revolve around some supernatural war (insert vampire, werewolf, witch, fairy; take your pick, they've all happened) with a bunch of characters thrown in at the end who you haven't met yet/are confused by/don't care about, there's a battle where a lot of vampires/werewolves/witches/fairies die, Sookie spends a lot of time running errands/drinking coffee/reading romance novels/sunbathing and describing all of those things in the most painstaking and mundane detail, and then Sookie does a pile of stupid things, which do nothing more than propel the plot forward.

And really, for me I probably enjoyed it marginally more than previous ones in the series merely because we got more Eric time. Also, I may start cataloging all the crazy descriptions of outfits donned throughout the series. I think Ms. Harris may have a thing for silk shirts. And, god help us, pleated pants.

Book Thirtytwo: Bloodsucking Fiends

Bloodsucking Fiends, Christopher Moore

I think a sign that your boyfriend probably loves you is that he picks out and buys vampire books for you. Either that, or it means he's a serious enabler. But then again, it might mean that he'd just rather I read well-written vampire novels as opposed to... well, let's not point any fingers.

Whilst reading this book I kept stopping to think, "Hey, this is actually good!" Or I paused to laugh at something witty or funny, which I must point out is much different than pausing to laugh at a book. The story was entertaining and the characters sympathetic and the pacing was perfect and ok, yeah, I liked it so very much.