Book Thirtyfour: The Book of Mormon Girl

The Book of Mormon Girl, Joanna Brooks

While I enjoyed reading this book (even the writing was quite good), it did ultimately feel like a collection of blog posts strung together to make up a very brief book (with few pages in a large font, to boot). That's okay, I suppose, but I was hoping for a bit more of her story, specifically more about how she fell away from Mormonism in her 20s and how she came back to it. With less of the poetics and angst and more of the details and specifics. And the chapter on Marie Osmond was cute but way too long for such a short book.

And, hey, 34 books for 2012 is not too shabby, huh? Though this is the fewest I've read since I started this project, this was a year where I was pretty busy and distracted so I'm moderately pleased with myself.


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